Life design

holds the power to transform your world

Your decor and design can revolutionize your relationship with yourself.

When your house doesn’t feel good, where do you even start? Adding a new style, trendy furniture, and gorgeous accessories helps, but…that empty feeling? The nagging self-doubt? Your space isn’t supporting you. It’s missing pieces and limiting who you are.

Design isn’t a luxury or an endgame. For me, it's beginning a meaningful relationship with your space.


Design your happy place

A space-shaking interior design guide

There's no one right way to craft your interior. Discover Mandy's favorite design secrets and techniques to revolutionize yourself and your space.

Uncover a new
interior design experience

Let your decor and design inspire you



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Reframe & Shift

Let’s uncover your preconceived design notions, break certain mental boundaries, and build a transformational foundation for a space that evolves alongside who you’re becoming.


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Visual Mantra

Shift your concepts into real images reflecting your desired surroundings. We’ll start getting practical, mixing and melding your emotional needs into visual cues and design inspiration canvases.

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Design & Layout

Center on your room’s desired functionality and bring an overall look and layout together. We’ll consider your visual mantra and guide your interior design plans to match.

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 Curate & Create

Shop for your space and get specific on how you get clarity, peace, and joy. Let’s combine main pieces, styling choices, and accessories to create cohesion with your visual mantra.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.



Winston Churchill

The interior design consultant whose work doesn’t start at home

The interior design consultant whose work 
doesn’t start at home

Introducing Mandy—at face value

After nearly a decade leading a small but comfortable Colorado design firm, I thought I was set. 

Except…life took me in a different direction. Lost in a new place without the stability of full-time work, I built enough courage to try something I couldn't do in a rigid job structure—serve a client’s vision by focusing on their way. Not mine.

It wasn’t ever about a “perfect design” for my clients and me. I wanted to create spaces that inspire and empower. Now, I help you turn snoozeable rooms into beautiful, functional, and comfortable life designs that journey inside your best self.


See the killer credentials for yourself

An Interior Design degree

A degree in Math…and French

A TED Talk on the practices I preach

A radio appearance on Rewired Life™ Radio with Audrey Michel



Mandy’s approach to design has helped me so much! I was so concerned with wanting to make sure I was following design “rules” and making choices that would stand the test of time, but Mandy helped me shift my thinking—our spaces are supposed to serve us! And just as we evolve and change, what we need from our space will change, too. That framing is so powerful!

Amanda Ryder

"Mandy helped me shift my thinking."

I’m huge on getting you wins like these

Revolutionize your relationship with yourself and your home

Make your space work better for you. Try our custom design services.

Make your space
work better for you.

Try our custom
design services.


Do It Together

VIP Interior Design Service

Want the premier experience? Get the space specifics, visual mantra, and room revolution done for you. Walk into your home with a brand new perspective and more free time to enjoy your new surroundings.

Do It Yourself

Room Revolution

Embark on a self-guided, online course that translates your desired self-essence into a room that revolutionizes your relationship with yourself. In 8 modules, Mandy helps you step into your magic and elevate your personal space.

Creating a better connection with yourself starts with your interior.

An Online Decor & Design Course


diy your path


Your surroundings won't change without you.

Your living space hardly serves you well if it just happened by default from hand-me-downs or whatever was in the store. Redesign an intentional and cohesive home. Take the first step, revitalize your place, and support your best self.


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