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Does your bedroom drain you, leave you on edge, and give you cold, strange feelings? Maybe your office taxes your productivity because it feels like more work. The design may be lovely, but it’s missing something: support. Putting time and energy into your space might feel selfish or frivolous…but it isn’t. 

Shift your perspective on your space from conditional to conclusively comfortable. I'll help you create an interior that welcomes the woman you want to be.


I'm all about building creative interiors that SERVE us

Design a life & living space that helps you love being yourself


Have you spent your life trying to do everything "right?"

Ego, materialism, and all the icky design tenets everyone thinks about can drive you away from fully diving into meaningful room design. Polished social media pictures and self-righteous design shows? It’s clear that this isn’t a world you fit into. 

What if I told you design could help you know more about yourself? How would it feel to see your best aspects translated into your home so confidence spills into other areas of your life? Life design can curate a living space that feels more supportive than strangling while building something more personal and unique to yourself (and who you want to be).

Try living your own way





If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.



Wayne Dyer


self-discovery journey

I’ll guide your

and revamp your decor & design

I’m Mandy Straight—a designer, humans-have-layers peeler, and purpose-seeker who helps you rewrite your fabulous life journey's rules. In case you didn’t know, your home plays a bigger role in it than you might think.

Before coining “visual mantra” and the process of revolutionizing your room, I battled deep feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. With a cerebral mindset and an eye for design, I learned how changing my surroundings could change the way I viewed the world—and myself

Bringing 20 years of visual expertise, cross-cultural experiences, and psychological techniques into interior design, I’ll dive in with you and explore your space’s true potential. Who knew design could help you understand yourself better?

life design mantra

Learn the tenets of Mandy Straight’s

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Learn to believe and 
become your true self.

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Embrace and tackle every journey life hands you.

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Your spark is yours alone. Express the fire you were born to ignite

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Perfection is overrated. Playfulness grows purpose.

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Never let perspective limit your path. Always seek more possibilities.

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The spaces we choose help us ground, connect, and align ourselves with the world.

Investing in your design & decor 

creates an incomparable connection with yourself

I stir a dose of philosophy into what you already know about interior design. Choose pieces to fully relax and reenergize so you'll be able to give more to others.


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