Think following decor and design rules

and making lasting choices are all you need for a perfect interior?

Think again.

That's a huge burden to put on something as liberating as designing your space. Your personal growth is a never-ending journey. Through every life phase you tackle, you can mold your space to support the version of yourself you’re becoming. 

But maybe you don’t even know where to start. 


the life design ethos in your life?

Ready to rewrite: 

You'll fit right in if...

You're sick of keeping yourself and your space small, but you feel like you need permission to make bold decisions in your design.

You struggle to find empowerment in the world around you. And your living space? Not helping.

Blank spaces in your home intimidate you. Except, you’d leave them be over working through that fear. Minimalism is in, right? 

You fill your space with items you enjoy seeing, yet they have little meaning or intention.

Design doesn't have to be complicated. It just has to be YOU.

Translate your true essence into new creative interiors with one course


/// 01

Reframe & Shift

Lay the groundwork for everything you need changed in your surroundings.

/// 02

Visual Mantra

Pick Revolutionary Words that shift your vision into practical terms. Turn words into visuals, then create a working design canvas.

/// 03

Design & Layout

Bring together your look and layout with functionality in mind.

/// 04

 Curate & Create

Create cohesion with your visual mantra using main pieces, styling choices, and accessories.

This isn't your mom's stuffy interior design coffee table book or a complicated, log-in-once-and-never-again program. Here’s your self-guided, online ticket to revolutionizing your relationship with yourself through your living space.



What if you could unlock the true life-changing power

What if you could unlock the true
life-changing power

of holistic design and decor in one online course?

/// 01

Your room should serve you. As you get older, grow more, and change, so does what you need from your space.

Shift your thinking about design.

/// 02

Quit worrying if your design choices “make sense” to others or if you’ll hate your decisions in 15 years. Your space should simply serve where you are right now.

Stress less about perfection.

/// 03

Transform your mental health and dedicate vital time to your wellbeing. Design an environment that uplifts you and anyone who visits.

Let your space be your retreat.

Shaping your space begins with 
knowing who you’d like to become

Shaping your space begins with knowing who you’d like to become

Enroll in a safe environment that allows you the freedom to design a space that reflects the life you dream about. Dive inside your hangups, misgivings, and self-concerns about becoming your best self so you can translate that negative mindset into goal-based interior design that supports you.




We now have meaningful conversations about what’s truly important to us in each room, so that we no longer compromise to the point that neither of us are happy/end up buying an entire Ilea living room furniture set we both hate but think the other person likes.

Amanda Ryder

"I got the guidance I needed to design a space that serves both me and my partner."

Explore your interior design style in 5 room-building modules

/// 01

Pre-work for a powerful interior

Get specific about your space. Find joy-boosters versus energy-drainers in your current surroundings. Once you know what needs to change, we can start making an impact on your environment. We'll also break down how design affects us so you can rethink how you decorate. Get the most out of your own design and decor knowledge with an exclusive visualization technique.

/// 02

Shatter limiting design perspectives

You’ll get an introduction to Mandy’s neurolinguistic programming strategies and shift your perspective on how your room affects you. Learn to use your interior as a mirror—reflecting how you’d like to feel and who you want to be.

/// 03

Develop your visual mantra

Translate your Revolutionary Words from the previous lesson into images that form your own Visual Mantra. Start the real process: developing a visual mantra. Turn your desired feelings, emotions, and Revolutionary Words into visual cues and design inspiration you can use to build your room. 

/// 04

Build your seamless layout

Reimagine your space’s functionality, consider how you’ll use the room, and re-orient the layout to suit those living standards.

BONUS: An exclusive guided video:
“Learn what you love in a room.”

/// 05

Realize a room vision with mindful shopping choices

Let your visual mantra guide room design choices through preferred furniture selections, accessories, and room styling options that bring forward your space’s essence. It’s finally time to bust out the card and make nice on your design selections. Get tips on what you should look for, where to search, make a detailed list, and use Mandy’s guidance for buying decisions that build your visual mantra in real-time.

/// 06

How to live in your life design

Once your surroundings reflect your best self, honor the quiet that follows your room revolution. Learn how to enjoy your relationship with your new space and evolve together over time.


  • Tips to Getting Un-Stuck
  • Integrating Feng Shui
  • Accessory Cohesion

We’re not quite finished yet! Discover the design industry’s accessory secrets to keep in mind so you can leverage styling choices and create cohesion in your space.

Most design services online don't give access to this level of education and empowerment

(Especially from a self-guided course)

Boost your design experience with coveted, all-inclusive extras.


Bonus Guided Videos

Stow Mandy’s expertise for later with easy-to-follow design videos like “Accessorizing Insights” and “What to Do When You Get Stuck.”


Yours For Life

Get 20+ years of interior design philosophy—condensed. Room Revolution includes unlimited, lifetime access to all course materials and future updates.

Design doesn't have to be materialistic, egocentric, or exclusive.

Streamline your life and simplify day-to-day hangups with your own empowering room design choices. Step into a space that serves you well—all from doing it on your own. Did you realize DIY could be stress-free?

Shift your focus from stifling design rules toward something bigger.


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Her method has granted me more clarity in making design choices that reflect the truth of who I am: grounded, colorful, eclectic. I'm more confident when it comes to making bold decisions and living with them, literally. What unfolds from there is deeper permission to flow with grounded confirmation in the direction of my dreams.

Kriste Peoples

"Mandy helped me uncover my inherent style and aesthetic, which makes all the difference."

You may not be ready for a Room Revolution if...


…you live for the thrill of getting caught up and buried in your design decisions. 

We're breaking this bad habit. Forget about the look for a minute and focus on the feel. Reconnecting with your home starts with your heart.

…you're looking for a "permanent" design solution. 

Your interior (alongside yourself) should ebb, flow, and grow. Create a sense of belonging in your space. Journey inside yourself, then continually update your surroundings to match what you discover.

An interior design consultant 
with revolutionary ideas

An interior design consultant with revolutionary ideas

meet mandy

Say hello to Mandy Straight—a designer, humans-have-layers peelers, and insatiable adventurer of all things life. She leverages a human-centered creative process to help private interior design clients let labels go and redesign rooms to reflect their true essence.

In 5 steps, Mandy coaches you through building a “visual mantra” with neurolinguistic programming and introspective design strategies. Uncover your visual mantra with Mandy and get started in her flagship course.

You already know we've got answers to your questions.

Let's center on those lingering nuances of self-doubt.

Can a single course really transform my living space?

With Room Revolution, you aren't just creating a room, you're doing the crucial work to shift how you value and interact with your surroundings. In this course, you learn to use design as a mindful tool rather than being a victim of unconscious choices and patterns. You'll transform your living area by getting to know your space and your self in a whole new way.

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I'm definitely no design pro. How will this work for me and my home?

Room Revolution isn't about the "right" way to do things. You're learning how to shape a space—in your own way. Get clear on how to tap into what you like, what turns you on, and what ignites your truest, most vibrant self (plus, how to make it a fun, ongoing, and lasting experience).

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I get hung up on basic design choices. What if I get stuck?

One of your free bonus videos touches on exactly this—what to do when you get stuck. Tap back into your vision and the feelings you desire. If you need more help, all the tools you create in Room Revolution will help. You can also schedule a virtual session with me. Consider me your decorating phone-a-friend!

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It is worth it? 

That depends on what you value most. Want a way to understand and encourage yourself better? Room Revolution does exactly that. You'll learn a new tool to make your dream life more real and tangible than your Pinterest board. You also gain more understanding and love for yourself. Only you can decide how much that's worth.

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It's the only decor and design course of its kind

Let go of the labels and re-imagine your space to reflect who you truly are. Get the professional design secrets wrapped in a humanistic hug and feel proud when you revolutionize your space, all by yourself.


5 powerful myth-busting, room-building modules ($1,200 value)

7 guided visualization audios to spark your inner designer ($397 value)

Bonus Videos: “Accessorizing Insights,” “What to Do When You Get Stuck,” and much more! ($200 value)

Online shopping resource lists

Unlimited access to all course materials and updates ($200 value)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

(A $1,997 total value)

Let's do this!

Are you ready to rewrite the design rules for yourself? 

A legendary price for a lifetime of pressure-free design wisdom.


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